Van Wert, Ohio

Hello, Doctor here. Lately we have been making an effort to spread our outreach to more of Ohio and today I decided to take The Tardis to Van Wert and see if I could be of any help. As I entered a small intersection at the entrance of the Van Wert Walmart, I noticed a group of 3 people standing on the corner. One male and 2 females. As I pulled up to the stop it was clear to see that it was an older lady (mid- late 60’s) sitting on a walker-like medical device and a male and female both around 20 y.o. The Male was holding a sign that read “Our family could use help” with 2 sad faces at the bottom.

I immediately pulled into the parking lot and walked upto the trio. I first approached the male, as he was the closest to me as I approached, and asked him what kind of help they were looking for.

(Quick note: The conversation that is quoted here is being paraphrased.)

“Food” came a voice from the other side of the group. The older woman was calling out to me in a way that told me that she should be the one I address. I walked upto the woman (I’m very sorry now that I didn’t get any names) and asked her what her situation was. Did she has shelter? heat? what exactly got her and her family into this situation.

“My husband and I have been have been having health issues. He just got out of neck and back surgery and I am going in for surgery in a few days.”

It seems she and her family had a roof over their heads, and heat, and a car, but because of medical setbacks they were having to choose between sleeping outside, freezing, or starving. I asked her if this was something she had to do often and she said yes.

So I asked them what kinds of food they were looking for and I set off into the walmart to use the last of the PH funds to purchase some food for this family. Once I returned, the woman had moved into the warmth of her small beat up hatchback so I brought the food to her vehicle and talked to her more about her situation. I let her know that we would be in the area and would do anything we could to help.

I’m very happy that we were able to help these people, but situations like this always anger me. No one should ever have to choose between freezing to death or starving to death in one of the richest countries in the world.

Project Hope will now be making regular trips to Van Wert.