Delivering 100s of items on a hot day

Today we delivered hundreds of supplies to our friends in Lima including Restoration House of Lima, Lima's Samaritan House, Our Daily Bread Food Kitchen, and Connected Hope. Thank you so much to these organizations for helping us get these supplies to the people who need them.

Also, since both Project Hope and Connected Hope are quite proud of our outreach vehicles, we decided they should meet.

A Little bit about Connected Hope and what they do with their bus. Russ Thomas has started Connect Hope to make it easier for people living on the streets to sign up for services. Instead of handing the person a card and hoping they show up at the office, Russ uses this bus to bring the office to them. Then all they have to do is climb onboard, get something to eat and drink, and they can fill out any paperwork they need right there and then. Soon Connected Hope will even be offering medical checkups on board.

What Connected Hope is doing is an amazing thing and we are so happy to be able to support them with the supplies they need.